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About me

Currently I work in educational development - working mainly with new academics.

I have done work on personal development including:

  • Various forms of counselling and co-counselling
  • Group work - gestalt, psycho-dynamic and eclectic (Group Relations Training Association etc)
  • Diploma in Applied Behavioural Science
  • NLP practitioner training
  • Master Hypnotherapy training
  • various other short training sessions


I have experience of working with individuals and groups on:

  • Addiction
  • Personal change and development
  • Social relations, power, class, gender etc


I have taught in Higher education:

  • Organisational behaviour
  • Training and Development
  • Organisational control
  • Business Ethics
  • Research methods
  • Theories and practice of teaching in HE 


I am currently developing personal practice based on the following broad approaches:

  • narrative - you are the stories you live 
    • based on the work of David Drake, narrative psychology, existential philosophy
  • embodied - you are how you are physically in the world
    • based on embodied leadership work and Qi Gong
  • connected - you are as extensive and connected as you want to be
    • universalist and ecological awareness 
  • centred - at home with the quiet centre within
    • based on spirituality - the Quaker tradition and Daoism