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Towards the end of deep learning and the beginning of AGI | Towards Data Science

Interesting article on developments in neurology of learning, all pathways connected to movement!

1 thought on “Towards the end of deep learning and the beginning of AGI | Towards Data Science

  1. Anna Tamara GS Pieries

    It is indeed a counted blessing to recall, to be able to carry out my MBA Dissertation under your valued Supervision! (London Met-year 2005-2006 -Intra organizational boundaries Knowledge Management Concepts). Needless to say how thankfully relieved I was then, to be able to continue my research study, simply because you understood it all very precisely....the funding suspensions, illness diagnosis, no part time work, all challenges were bored with enormous 'Human Touch' you offered above an academic tutor/ may have been a British Norm a gesture or simply the culture to sit over that cup of 'Hot Chocolate for me' at over a coffee meeting you so kindly offered since I was suspended.....those cups stood as a single meal ....enormous strength when I had severe physical pain travelling to and from Watford and mostly when fighting the fear of a biopsy...
    Dear David, you are one grate Educator whom I sadly missed when I re visited London Met in 2017 Dec to 2018 mid Jan. So delighted to find you in here. Please do not give up Higher education enthusiasts who value Knowledge not Money and this Universe will sure rejoice as long as it lasts! May Highest wealth of Wellness be yours always! Thank you!


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