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via Early Career Academics' Reflections

SEDA is publishing an open access book online, with a chapter released on its website every fortnight.  Each time a chapter is released it will be accompanied by a blog post published on SEDA WordPress. The book is called Early Career Academics’ Reflections on Learning to Teach in Central Europe, edited by Gabriela Pleschová and Agnes Simon. This book contains case studies by participants of a new educational development programme who redesigned their course sessions to apply student-centred approaches, using innovative teaching methods and stimulate good learning.

Public engagement is an increasing aspect of academic careers - and institutions are increasing their support for this like this workshop at UCL

Public Engagement Network: Public Engagement and your Academic Career

Celebrate the end of term with a Network session on the 3rd July that's all about the engagement you do, and how it can help support your academic career. You’ll be able to explore the ways Public Engagement could help you, and we’ll be on hand to discuss how UCL's Public Engagement Team can support your work.

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Worth checking if your institution runs similar events.