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What is coaching?

Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another. Downey 1999 – Effective Coaching.

A coaching partnership is normally a short arrangement of between 1 and 5 sessions in which I work with the person to establish what they want to achieve and work together towards the achievement of that aim. The sessions will be between one and one and a half hours, either face to face or via video call, with follow up by email or text as appropriate.
Coaching is not counselling or therapy and does not aim to fundamentally change a person, or to deal with psychological problems or damage.

What can coaching help with?

Coaches work with a wide variety of issues and there are specialists working on sports coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, health coaching etc.
I do general coaching and use my experience specifically to work with people on:
• Making life changes
• Time and stress management
• Learning and personal development

What skills do I have?

I have worked with people using coaching approaches for most of my career in a variety of different contexts, so as well as my coaching skills I bring a variety of experience and approaches:
• Embodied work – using breathing and posture awareness to improve performance and reduce stress
• Time management – based on the Getting Things Done approach
• Learning – I have worked in Higher Education for many years and have a variety of approaches to help facilitate effective learning.
• Narrative approaches – a holistic approach to assisting people to see their lives in a totality.

I am a qualified coach, Chartered Management Institute level 5, and a member of the British Psychological Society special interest group on coaching psychology.

David Andrew
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