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When I started work in HE we had the occasional token strike.  They were token because often the employer did not deduct pay, or if they did repayment was part of the concluding agreement, and we did the work anyway - things were rearranged, we worked at home etc.

Our employers not longer play by those rules - pay is deducted both for striking and action short of a strike, and they will put out statements about the action damaging students and the institution, blaming the action.

And we have carried on playing by the old rules, doing most of the work anyway, adding to our well known unpaid overtime.

This is not viable!  It will be difficult, and painful and may put pressure on relationships within the University - but if I am giving up substantial amount of pay I am not taking responsibility for the work not being done - the university must make sure that work is done if it is needed or recognising that it will not be done - not next week, not never!