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Principles and values

My work is based on the following approaches and values:


A basic claim of the embodiment framework is that all psychological processes are influenced by body morphology, sensory systems, motor systems, and emotions.
Arthur M. Glenberg

While this can be seen as an obvious fact, the recognition of its importance has led to fundamental rethinking in areas such as learning and cognition, and informs approaches to coaching and learning by encouraging a focus on physical patterns and the potential of working effectively through paying attention to posture and breathing.

Embodied leadership:

There are a number of different schools of practice which have applied embodiment to leadership and self-development, the main proponents that have influenced me have come out of the Aikido tradition having developed slightly different approaches. I do not have a background in Aikido and practice Qi Gong so again have a slightly different approach to some aspects of this work, and am developing a combination of these different approaches.
Paul Linden - works in the UK with Mark Walsh -
Wendy Palmer - works in the UK with James Knight and John Tuite -

Narrative approaches

Narrative psychology is a viewpoint or a stance within psychology concerned with the "storied nature of human conduct" or in other words how human beings deal with experience by constructing stories and listening to the stories of others.

This is another powerful approach based on a simple idea, but relates to a number of other developments in psychology.
For me the narrative psychology reminds me that the dominant framework of coaching – based on the importance of goals and goal setting is only one story.

Narrative coaching:

Narrative coaching is a mindful, experiential, and holistic approach to helping people shift their stories about themselves, about others, and about life itself to create new pathways and results.
David Drake

I have been influenced by David Drake’s work on narrative coaching which allows for a more holistic approach to coaching.

Getting things done:

In dealing with time management issues the main approach I use is based on David Allen’s work -

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