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Narrative Coaching opportunity

I write to you with exciting news! Dr. David Drake has partnered with WBECS to bring the global coaching community a groundbreaking new program called Narrative Coach.

Today, registration has opened for his 90-minute workshop called “Discover the Last Mile Technique”.

Extra sessions now available - 3pm on Dec 5th, 11pm on Dec 6th and 3pm on Dec 7th

Click here to register for this session

In this no-cost immersion experience, David Drake is going to offer you deep insights into a more holistic, experiential coaching process that you can use to uncover, understand and change what truly drives human behavior.

He will walk you through a powerful process that you can use for yourself and your clients to shift from reactive to proactive states when triggered. And, he will reveal his Rewind Process that will help you to achieve more meaningful results with your clients faster — David will show how to complete the “last mile” and go from an aspiration to meaningful action.


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