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Number Picture: Data Visualization via Programmable Templates


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via information aesthetics on 12/05/11

Number Picture [] is a web application that enables the creation of custom-made visualizations and infographics through the (re)coding of a collection of open templates. In a way, it takes the concept of social visualization (e.g. Many Eyes) one step further, as it goes beyond offering powerful tools to visualize data to the masses. In addition, Number Picture attempts to crowd-source the creation of the visualization tools themselves, here through the use of templates.

According to the 'About' page, the goal of the service is to provide a "refreshing change to all the millions and billions of bar graphs and pie charts that we see in our everyday lives" and to increase the usage of other visualizations outside of the pie chart, which was invented in 1801 ("Yes, that's right, he [William Playfair] invented the Pie Chart").

Data that can be copied and pasted into the template from Excel, while custom-made templates can be added through the use of Processing.js programming. Few examples are available at the moment, but that should be solved shortly, I guess.


Things you can do from here:


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