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The best way to take notes?

The article below is a summary of a small sample of research into note taking,of which there is now quite a lot.

The search for the ideal way to take notes is an illusion, unless/until we regulate learning from the beginning of education, everyone will develop their own way of doing learning, including note taking. Successful note taking its therefore a matter of individual and subject matter factors.

There are however two criteria that I think are helpful in guiding people.

1 is the question of the purpose of the learning, and the use you will make of the information. Notes for an exam are different from other sorts of notes. As with other aspects of HE students may find it useful to be shown successful note taking in different contexts, academic and vocational, and how the different purposes leads to different approaches. How will you need to recall this, is the crucial and practical question.

2 the crucial aspect of that is the question of importance, and the time you are willing to invest. The principal is that the more psychological work the better the learning. One aspect of this is putting it into your own words, as mentioned in the article below, but only if that meets the first criteria.

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