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About to try the Office 2016 preview - which will be interesting.  Have had trouble trying to install power Query for excel - but that is now included so solves that problem.

In the meantime have been looking at embedding word documents - partly because I am now having to report progress in projects in different places so thought embedding a updates and next steps into multiple documents might help - turns out it is complicated and doesn't work well, particularly in my complex filing system - so looking at extending my use of onenote and linked notes in that to see if that will do it.

Will keep you posted about Office 2106 and the onenote expansions.

Have done no more work on excel which is frustrating - but too much on!

Apart from just having too much to do I have found that my use of outlook task has crumbled under the strain - an ever accumulating list of overdue tasks and more being added by the day!

Having a day's leave today and the weather preventing work on the garden I have been reviewing it and realize that I need to separate out tasks from next steps in projects and manage them separately. That way I only have the next step of a project in outlook rather than the whole list unless I am scheduling a task for a specific period. Future actions I will keep in a project plan in onenote - probably tagged as to do.

I will need to go back to doing proper weekly reviews but that will have other benefits. While I am reorganizing around this - the other aspect is to improve my management reporting - another of those annoying modern necessities.

On that point I have a project at the back of my mind about a collaborative course on the constructive management of modern organisational life - In and Against the Modern Organisation - I wonder if anyone would be interested?