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Have done no more work on excel which is frustrating - but too much on!

Apart from just having too much to do I have found that my use of outlook task has crumbled under the strain - an ever accumulating list of overdue tasks and more being added by the day!

Having a day's leave today and the weather preventing work on the garden I have been reviewing it and realize that I need to separate out tasks from next steps in projects and manage them separately. That way I only have the next step of a project in outlook rather than the whole list unless I am scheduling a task for a specific period. Future actions I will keep in a project plan in onenote - probably tagged as to do.

I will need to go back to doing proper weekly reviews but that will have other benefits. While I am reorganizing around this - the other aspect is to improve my management reporting - another of those annoying modern necessities.

On that point I have a project at the back of my mind about a collaborative course on the constructive management of modern organisational life - In and Against the Modern Organisation - I wonder if anyone would be interested?

Trying out the Outlook preview app on android, which is developing quite fast and I have moved over totally from my previous app. It is interesting how it has features not avaliable on the normal version, like the ability to insert a number of optional times to meet into an email, together with the standard inserting a calendar.